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For the admeenistrative subdiveesion, see Sabzevar Coonty. For ither uisses, see Sabzevar (disambiguation).
"Beyhaq" redirects here. For the admeenistrative subdiveesion, see Beyhaq Landwart Destrict.
Yahya Monument
Yahya Monument
Sabzevar is locatit in Iran
Location o Sabzevar in Iran
Coordinates: 36°12′45″N 57°40′55″E / 36.21250°N 57.68194°E / 36.21250; 57.68194
Kintra  Iran
Province Razavi Khorasan
Coonty Sabzevar
Bakhsh Central
 • Mayor Mohammad Dowlatabadi
 • Ceety Cooncil Chairman: Ghasem Hosseini Zade
Elevation 977.6 m (3,207.3 ft)
Population (2006)
 • Tot 208,172
 • Population Rank in Iran 36t
Time zone IRST (UTC+3:30)
 • Simmer (DST) IRDT (UTC+4:30)
Aurie code(s) 0571
Sabzevar at GEOnet Names Server

Sabzevar Aboot this soondpronunciation  (Persie: سبزوار‎)[1] is a ceety in, an the caipital o Sabzevar Coonty, in Razavi Khorasan Province in northeastren Iran. At the 2006 census, its population wis 208,172, in 57,024 families.[2]

It is approximately 220 kilometres wast o Mashhad, the provincial caipital. In auncient times it wus cried Beihagh (Beyhaq).

Sabzevar is the commercial centre for an agricultural region producin grapes an raisins. Thare is some smaw-scale industrie, for fuid processin, cooperware an electric motors. Throu the auld bazaar o Sabzevar fresh, dree'd, an preservit fruits an vegetables are exportit. Sabzevar is connectit tae Tehran an Mashhad bi road. Sabzevar Airport provides domestic flichts.[3]

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