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Ryugyong Hottle

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Ryugyong Hottle
The Ryugyong Hotel in August 2011
General information
LocationPyongyang, North Korea
Coordinates39°02′11″N 125°43′50″E / 39.03639°N 125.73056°E / 39.03639; 125.73056
Biggin stairtit1987[1]
Wun at the tap1992[2]
Estimatit completion2013 (projectit)
Ruif330.02 metre (1,082.7 ft)[2]
Technical details
Fluir coont105[2]
Fluir aurie360,000 m2 (3,900,000 sq ft)[2]
Design an construction
AirchitectBaikdoosan Architects & Engineers[1]
DeveloperOrascom Group
Main contractorBaikdoosan Architects & Engineers
Orascom Construction Industries

The Ryugyong Hottle (Korean: 류경호텔) (whiles anglicised as Ryu-Gyong Hottle or Yu-Kyung Hottle[5]) is a 105-storey pyramid-shaped skyscraper unner construction in Pyongyang, North Korea. Its name ("caipital o willows") is ane o the historical names for Pyongyang an aw.[6] The biggin is kent as the 105 Biggin an aw, a reference tae its nummer o floors.[2] Construction began in 1987 but wis halted in 1992 as North Korea entered a period o economic crisis efter the faw o the Soviet Union.

Efter 1992 the biggin stuid topped oot, but wioot ony windaes or interior fittins. In 2008 construction resumed. In 2012, the exterior wis reportit tae be complete. The openin o the hottle wis scheduled several times but postponed.

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