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Ruth England

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Ruth England (born 29 Mairch 1970) is an Inglis televeesion presenter, weel-kent for haein presentit the ITV traivel shaw Wish You Were Here...? for the last twa year o its lang rin. She haed stertit oot on telly daein a braid reenge o programmes, fae wittins on Channel 5 tae a naitral historie shaw on National Geographic. In 2001, altho she wisna yit kent by monie fowk, she wis speirt if she wad tak ower fae Mary Nightingale on Wish You Were Here...? On the shaw she gaed aa ower the warld hersel, but forbye haunded ower ilka week for ane or mair traivel featurs bi a hail reenge o weel-kent fowk, sic as Mark Little, Cat Deeley, Gail Porter an Grant Stott.

Wish You Were Here...? wis stappit bi ITV in 2003. Houaniver, Ruth presentit 'het-up' bits fae the programme on Wish You Were Here..Today, pitten oot ilka day for three weeks in the Januar o baith 2004 an 2005. She haes presentit Forever Eden in the USA forby, braidcast bi Fox.

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