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Gail Porter (born 23 Mairch 1971 in Edinburgh, Scotland), kent an aa bi her mairit name o Gail Hipgrave, is a Scots televeesion presenter, weel-kent for programmes sic as Fully Booked, How 2 an Dead Famous. She is kent forbye for the ongauns ae nicht in 1999, whan monie fowk in Lunnon that juist thocht tae tak a keek tae the waw o the Hooses o Pairlament wis insteid gien a swatch at a gey muckle FHM photie o Gail in the skuddy buff. This, alang wi monie ither 'cairyin-ons', wis aiblins hou she cam tae be kent mair as the kynd o lassie she is - mebbes it ocht tae be said the 'richt gallus' kynd - raither nor juist as a presenter, enterteiner, or oniething ither in parteicular.

In 2001 Gail wis mairit on Dan Hipgrave fae the band Toploader, an she haes a dochter cried Honey.

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