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Rubiaceae is a faimily o flouerin plants, variously cried the coffee faimily, madder faimily, or bedstraw faimily. The group contains mony commonly kent plants, includin the economically important coffee (Coffea), quinine (Cinchona), an gambier (Uncaria), the medicinal ipecacuanha (Carapichea ipecacuanha), an the horticulturally valuable madder (Rubia), wast Indian jasmine (Ixora), partridgeberry (Mitchella), Morinda, Gardenia, an Pentas.

Members o the coffee faimily tend tae be concentratit in wairmer an tropical climates aroond the warld. Currently, aboot 611 genera an mair nor 13,000 species are placed in Rubiaceae.[2] This maks it the fowert-lairgest faimily o flouerin plants bi nummer o species, an fift-lairgest bi nummer o genera.

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