Roy J. Glauber

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Nobel prize medal.svg Roy Glauber
Roy Glauber Dec 10 2005.jpg
Born Roy Jay Glauber
(1925-09-01) September 1, 1925 (age 92)
New York Ceety, New York, USA
Residence Unitit States
Naitionality Unitit States
Fields Theoretical Pheesics
Alma mater Harvard Varsity (BA, PhD)
Thesis The relativistic theory of meson fields (1949)
Doctoral advisor Julian Schwinger[1]
Doctoral students
Kent for Inventin Quantum Optics
Notable awairds
Spoose Cynthia Rich (m. 1960; div. 1975)[4]
Bairns 2

Roy Jay Glauber (born September 1, 1925) is an American theoretical pheesicist.

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