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The Rover 8 wis a name gien tae three early models o the caur frae the Breetish Rover caur company. The oreeginal ane, produced atween 1904 an 1912, wis the first production Rover caur. The name wis uised again frae 1911 tae 1912 on a new caur wi a Knight sleeve valve ingine an finally frae 1919 tae 1925 on a twin cylinder licht caur.

Rover 8 1904-1912[eedit | eedit soorce]

Rover 1905.jpg

The caur, designed bi Edmund Lewis who haed joined Rover frae Daimler, haed an unusual design. Instead o the conventional chassis, the caur uised a backbone which enclosed the gearbox an wis directly attacht tae the rear axle. The ae suspension at the rear wis in the tyres. A transverse leaf sprung wis fittit at the front.

The single cylinder ingine displaced 1327 cc wi a bore o 114 mm (4.5 in)} an stroke o 130 mm (5.1 in). It haed an unusual pedal control that chynged ower the valve operatin cams tae provide extra ingine brakin.

Maist caurs seem tae hae haed a vera basic open twa seat body wi nae windscreen or ither wather pertection.

At launch the Rover 8 cost GBP200 on the hame mercat.

Rover 8 1911-1912[eedit | eedit soorce]

The 1911 Rover 8 turned away frae conventional ingines uisin a 1052 cc sleeve valve unit. Daimler haed a licence tae produce the Knight sleeve valve ingine an as the dimension o the ane advertised bi Rover wur identical it is probable that this wis thair soorce. Whether components or complete ingines wur bought is no kent but Daimler niver sauld a single cylinder sleeve valve caur.

Vera few wur made.

Rover 8 1919-1925[eedit | eedit soorce]

The aw new Rover 8 licht caur wis designed bi Jack Sangster lairgely afore he joined Rover an wis biggit in a new factory in Tyseley, Birmingham an driven tae Coventry tae hae its body fittit. It wis a great sales success for the company.

The air cooled, side valve, ingine wis a horizontal twin an wis oreeginally o 998 cc capacity but this increast tae 1135 cc in 1923. The oreeginal ingine haed a peak ootput o 13 bhp (9.7 kW) at 2600 rpm.[1] Awtho thare wis a conventional leukin radiator it wis a dummy. Coolin wis supplied throu air scoops on the side o the bonnet an it wis rumoured that efter haurd drivin at nicht the cylinder heads coud be seen glowin reid throu them[2]. The three speed gearbox wis in-unit wi the ingine an drove the rear wheels via a worm wheel teep rear axle. A dynamo wis belt driven frae the propeller shaft. An electric stairter wis optional frae 1923.[1]

The chassis wis conventional wi quarter elliptic leaf springs aw roond. Unuisually for the time, rack an pinion steerin wis uised. Brakes wur fittit tae the rear wheels ae wi a separate set o shoes for the handbrake. The wheelbase wis extendit frae 88 tae 94 inches (2,400 mm) in 1924 tae allou genuine fower seat bodies tae be affered includin a fabric fower seat saloon.[1]

Open twa an fower seat bodies wur uisual but some closed 2 seat coupés wur an aa made frae 1923 as well as licht commercials. The caur cost GBP230 in 1919 reducin tae GBP139 in 1925.[2] It wis capable o reachin 45 mph (72 km/h) an returnin 45 miles per gallon (imperial).[2]

The Rover 8 wis made unner licence in Germany, wi a slichtly lairger ingine, bi Peter an Morritz atween 1921 an 1923.[1]

Jack Sangster woud later acome chairman o BSA.[2]

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