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Rover 16 October 1947 2147cc.JPG

The Rover 16 wis a medium-sized faimily caur produced bi the Breetish Rover car company atween 1937 an 1940 as a successor tae the Rover Speed 16. It reappeared in 1945 efter WWII an remained on sale till replaced bi the Rover P3 in 1948.

The caur, wi its mildly streamlined form, resembled the existin Rover 10 an the Rover 12 but wis slichtly langer an featurt a mair roondit back end. The sax-cylinder ohv ingine haed a capacity o 2,147 cc. A tap speed o 124 km/h (77 mph) wis claimed. In addition tae the fower-door saloon, a twa-door cabriolet wis available.

A version cawed the 'Rover 14' saloon combined the same body wi a 1,901 cc sax-cylinder ingine.

The Rover 16 saloon returned tae production amaist unchanged efter the war, tho the cabriolet version wis nae langer leetit.

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