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Rose Reilly

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Rose Reilly
Personal information
Fou name Rose Reilly
Date o birth (1955-01-02) 2 Januar 1955 (age 69)[1]
Place o birth Kilmarnock, Scotland
Playin poseetion Striker
Hauflin career
Stewarton United
Senior career*
Years Team Apps (Gls)
1963–1972 Stewarton & Thistle L.F.C.
1972–1973 Westthorn Utd L.F.C.
1973–1975 Reims
1973–1977 A.C.F. Milan
1978–1979 C.F. Jolly Cutispoti Catania
1980–1983 A.C.F. Alaska Lecce
1984–1986 A.C.F. Alaska Trani 80
1986–1988 A.C.F. Napoli Select
1988–1989 A.C.F. Firenze Casa '77
1989–1990 A.C.F. Oltrarno Firenze
1990–1991 A.C.F. Prato Sport
1994–1995 A.C.F. Agliana
Naitional team
Scotland 10
Italy 22 (13)
* Senior club appearances an goals coontit for the domestic league anerly an correct as o 14:09, 11 January 2011 (UTC)
‡ Naitional team caps an goals correct as o 01:47, 11 January 2011 (UTC)

Rose Reilly (born 2 Januar 1955), whose marriet name is Rose Peralta, is a Scots weemen's association fitbaa player, who representit baith the Scots weemen's fitbaa team an Italian weemen's fitbaa team.

Club career[eedit | eedit soorce]

Brocht up in Stewartoun in East Ayrshire, Scotland, Reilly began her fitbawin career at age seiven wi local boys' club Stewarton United an at ane pynt attractit the interest o scouts frae Glesga side Celtic,[2] She made her debut for the weemen's side Stewarton Thistle Ladies in 1965 against the Johnston Reid & White Rockets. She competit in Hughie Green's Women's Football Tournament reachin the regional feenal an aw, she wis pairt o the Stewarton side which liftit the inaugural Scots Cup in 1971 an reached the first WFA Cup feenal the same year an aw. In 1972 she muivit tae Westthorn Utd whaur she wan the treble o Scots Cup League Cup an the first League championship. Westthorn reached the WFA Cup feenal luisin 2-0 tae Southampton an aw. A desire tae play fitbaa profeesionally saw Reilly tae muive tae French profeesional ladies' side Reims in 1974.[2]

The Scottish Women's FA haed reactit tae creeticism frae Reilly an twa ither players, Edna Neillis an Elsie Cook, bi bannin thaim sine die.[3]

Efter a sax month spell wi Reims, Reilly wis bocht bi A.C.F. Milan an played for the weemen's profeesional team for fower years, winnin twa league titles in the process (o a eventual aicht she wis tae win wi a variety o Italian sides). Follaein on frae her initial spell wi Milan, Reilly continued tae play in Italian fitbaa till the age o 40, includin spells wi the ladies' sides o Catania[4][5][6] an Lecce.[2] Reilly twice wan the Serie A Golden Boot durin saisons 1978 an 1981, scorin 43 an 45 goals respectively (includin Italian Cup).[1] In the 1978–79 saison she wan championship titles in baith Italy an Fraunce, playin for Lecce on a Seturday nicht an then fleein tae Fraunce tae play for Reims on Sunday efternuins.[2]

She eventually retired agit 40,[7] haein wan aicht Serie A titles, a French title an fower Italian Cups.[1]

International career[eedit | eedit soorce]

Despite haein played ten times for her native Scotland an haein nae formal links tae Italy prior tae her muive tae A.C.F. Milan, Reilly wis selectit for the Italian weemen's naitional team an wis votit the best player in the Italian team which wan the (then unoffeecial) weemen's warld cup in 1984.[8] It wis reportit that team caiptain Reilly scored in the 3–1 feenal win ower Wast Germany in the northren Italian toun o Caorle.[9]

On the 12t Mairch 2007, Reilly wis inductit intae the Scots Sports Haw o Fame, wi a place in the SFA's Fitbaw Haw o Fame follaein in November o that year.[10]

Personal life[eedit | eedit soorce]

Syne 2001, Reilly lives in Stewartoun wi her Argentine husband Norberto Peralta an thair dochter, Meghan.[7]

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