Rolls-Royce Limited

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Industry Manufacturin
Successor Rolls-Royce (1971) Limited an Rolls-Royce Motors Limited (1973)
Foondit Manchester, Ingland (15 Mairch 1906 (1906-03-15))
Defunct Template:End date and age
Heidquarters Derby, Ingland, Unitit Kinrick
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Rolls-Royce Limited is a renouned Breetish caur-manufacturin an, later, aero-ingine manufacturin company foondit bi Charles Rolls an Sir Henry Royce on 15 Mairch 1906 as the result o pairtnership shapit in 1904. In addeetion tae the company's reputation for superior ingineerin quality which haes led tae its epithet as the "best caur in the warld", Rolls-Royce Limited wis kent for manufacturin the heich-powered "R" ingines responsible for laund an air speed records as well as successful performances in automobile racin.[1]

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