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Robert de Brus, 5t Laird o Annandale

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Robert V de Brus,
Laird o Annandale, Laird o Ireby, Constable o Carlisle Castle, Shirra o Cumberland
Coat o airms as Laird o Annandale: Or, a saltire and a chief Gules
PredecessorRobert de Brus, 4t Laird o Annandale
Bornca. 1215
Dee'd(1295-03-31)31 Mairch 1295 (aged c. 80)
Lochmaben Castle
BuiriedGisborough Priory, Guisborough, Redcar an Cleveland
Spoose(s)1) Isobel of Gloucester and Hertford
2) Christina de Ireby
FaitherRobert de Brus, 4t Laird o Annandale
MitherIsobel o Huntingdon

Robert V de Brus (Robert de Brus), 5th Laird o Annandale (ca. 1215 – 31 Mairch or 3 Mey 1295[1]), wis a feudal laird, Juistice an Constable o Scotland an Ingland, a Regent o Scotland, an a competitor for the Scots throne in 1290/92 in the Great Cause. His grandson Robert the Bruce eventually becam Keeng o Scots.

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

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