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Coordinates: 39°17′N 76°37′W / 39.283°N 76.617°W / 39.283; -76.617


Baltimore (/ˈbɔːltˌmɔːr/, locally: [ˈbɔɫ.mɔɻ]) is the lairgest independent ceety in the Unitit States an the lairgest ceety an cultural centre o the US state o Maryland. The ceety is locatit in central Maryland alang the tidal portion o the Patapsco River,[1] an airm o the Chesapeake Bay. Baltimore is whiles referred tae as Baltimore Ceety in order tae distinguish it frae surroondin Baltimore Coonty. Foondit in 1729, Baltimore is the lairgest U.S. seaport in the Mid-Atlantic an is situatit closer tae major Midwastren mercats than ony ither major seaport on the East Coast. Baltimore's Inner Harbor wis ance the seicont leadin port o entry for immigrants tae the Unitit States an a major manufacturin centre. The harbour is nou hame tae Harborplace, a shoppin, entertainment, an tourist centre, an the National Aquarium in Baltimore. Accordin tae Forbes, the ceety o Baltimore wis ratit 3rd best place tae shop in 2010.[2] Efter a decline in manufacturin, Baltimore shiftit tae a service-orientit economy. Johns Hopkins University an Johns Hopkins Hospital are nou the ceety's lairgest employers.

At 620,961 in 2010,[3] Baltimore's population haes been decreasin considerably syne the 1970s. The Baltimore Metropolitan Aurie haes approximately 2.7 million residents; the 21st lairgest in the kintra. Baltimore is an aa the lairgest ceety in the surroondin associatit combined statistical aurie o approximately 8.4 million residents.[4]

The ceety is named efter Lord Baltimore, a member o the Erse Hoose o Lords an the foondin proprietor o the Maryland Colony. Baltimore hissel teuk his title frae a place in Bornacoola parish, Coonty Leitrim an Coonty Longford, Ireland.[5] Baltimore is an anglicised form o the Erse Baile an Tí Mhóir, meanin "Toun o the Big Hoose",[6] no tae be ramfeeselt wi Baltimore, Coonty Cork, the Erse name o which is Dún na Séad.[7]

Sister ceeties[eedit | eedit soorce]

The ceety o Baltimore includes the follaein sister ceeties belaw:[8][9]

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