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Robert Ker, 1st Yerl o Roxburghe

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Robert Ker, 1st Earl o Roxburghe (1570? – 1650) wis a Scois nobleman. He wis the eldest son o William Ker o Cessford (died 1605), an grandson o Sir Walter Ker o Cessford (d. c. 1584), who focht against Mary I, Queen o Scots, baith at Carberry Hill an at Langside.

He helpit James VI against Boddke. He wis a member o the Privy Cooncil o Scotland frae 1599, an wis creatit Laird Roxburghe in 1600. He accompaniet Keeng James tae Lunnon in 1603.

He succeedit tae his faither's estates in 1606 an wis creatit Yerl o Roxburghe in 1616. He wis appointit Keeper o the Privy Seal o Scotland in 1637.

He subscribit the Keeng's Covenant at Halyruid in 1638, an jynt the Keeng's pairty in the ceevil war. When the Keeng attemptit tae reest five members o the House o Commons in 1642, Ker kept the door o the chamber open (see airticle on William Lenthall). He supportit the "Engagement" for the Keeng's rescue in 1648, an wis consequently deprivit o his office as Keeper o the Privy Seal in 1649.

He deed at Floors, his residence near Kelsae, on 18 Januar 1650. His son Harry, Laird Ker, haed deed in Januar 1643. Consequently his titles an estates passed bi special arrangement tae his grandson, William Drummond (d. 1675), the youngest son o his dochter Jean an her husband John Drummond, 2nt Yerl o Perth. William teuk the name o Ker, became 2nt Earl o Roxburghe, an marriet his cousin, Laird Ker's dochter Jean.

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