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River Tyne, Scotland

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The Tyne at Preston Mill

The River Tyne is a river in Scotland, its soorce is amang the Moorfoot Hills.[1] It runs fir aboot 30miles (50 kilometers) nor'east intae the sea at Belhaven, nearby Dunbar.[2]

It flows throu or nearby tae touns sic as

An it passes historical sites at

  • Saltoun Hall
  • St. Mary's Church, Haidintoun
  • Hailes Castle
  • Phantassie Doocot
  • Prestonkirk Parish Church
  • Preston Mill
  • Tyninghame House

It is a weel-kent trout river, wi fishin managed bi the East Lowden Angling Association. [4][5]

Coordinates: 56°00′17″N 2°36′06″W / 56.00486°N 2.60178°W / 56.00486; -2.60178

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