Rivadavia, Mendoza

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Rivadavia is locatit in Argentinae
Location o Rivadavia in Argentinae
Coordinates: 33°11′S 68°28′W / 33.183°S 68.467°W / -33.183; -68.467
Kintra  Argentinae
Province Mendoza
Depairtment Rivadavia
Elevation 659 m (2,162 ft)
 • Tot 52,567
Time zone ART (UTC-3)
CPA base M5577
Dialin code +54 2634

Rivadavia is a ceety in the centre-north o the province o Mendoza, Argentinae. It haes 52,567 inhabitants as per the 2001 census [INDEC], an is the heid toun o the Rivadavia Depairtment. The ceety lees on the north bank o the Tunuyán River, dounstream frae the reservoir o the El Carrizal Dam, which is ane o its tourist attractions.

Rivadavia is kent for for attractions such as Rivadavia Canta al Pais an aw, a lairge plaza dountoun and many places for shopping.

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