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A[deid airtin] man rinnin in a pairk in Chicago.
Twa-year-auld[deid airtin] boy joggin.
Tapio[deid airtin] Wirkkala: Stamp for the Helsinki Olympics, 1952. (rinnin)

Rinnin is the wey that fowk or beasts gangs quick on thair feet. It is a wey o traivelin on laund. Baith feet is aften aff o the grund at the same time.[1]

Rinnin is a popular form o exercise. Forby, it's ane o the maist auldest forms o sport. The exercise is kent tae be guid for halth; it helps breithin an hertbeat, an burns onie spare calories. Rinnin keeps a bodie fierdie an swank. It eases stress an aa. Rinnin maks a bodie drouthie, sae it's important tae drink watter whan rinnin.

Benefits o rinnin[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • Fitness – Frae wantin tae loss wecht tae tryin tae fecht illness an agin, the ar a lot o halth benefits tae rinnin.[2]
  • Mental halth – Whether tae help depression or find some time tae think, thare is big mental benefits tae rinnin an aa.[3][4]
  • Rinnin is fun an disna need speicial gear for tae dui it. Whan rinnin, the lyres, lichts, harns, hert an ither pairts gets better.
  • Rinnin is aften uised as cross-trainin for a lot o sports, espeicialie anes that needs ongaun endurance.

Weys tae no get hurt[eedit | eedit soorce]

It's common for rinners tae get skaithed. A wheen rinnin injuries can be reduced wi the richt trainin, weirin the richt gear an a awaurness o the rinnin environment.

Physical[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • Afore gaun awa on a lang rin, mynd an hae a five-mienit warm-up an some streetchin exercises.
  • Efter duiin a lang rin, mynd an hae a ten-mienit cuil wi some streetchin exercises.
  • In the short term, try rinnin on a flat surface. In the lang term coaches recommends cross-kintra rinnin.
  • Rinnin in a wey tae tak aff the laid that's on the legs. Ae wey is tae uise a treadmill, the better is tae rin in minimal shuin. Thae lat the rinner's feet feel the grund an no inadvertently pit ower muckle laid on the fit/cuit. Ower-cushioned shuin stops the fit frae feelin whit it's duiin an can skaith a bodie's shins an knees an aa. This topic haes been verra controversial. The ar a heest o coaches, rinners, an scientists that threaps that minimal shuin is a main culprit in injuries in rinners. Thay recommend shuin that offers stability an cushionin. A lot o rinners wi injuries haes fund that chyngin tae cushioned shuin haes improved/cured thaim o thair injuries.

Environmental[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • In het climates, it is better tae rin in the mornin. This will help reduce fatigue an heat stress.
  • Dinna rin whan pollution levels is hiech.
  • Rin in the shade if ye can, weir sunglesses, pit on suncream an try an jouk direct sun rays.
  • Ower muckle claes can gar a bodie sweit, an that gars the bouk loss heat quick. Dress in layers. Weir the richt shuin.
  • Whan rinnin in cauld wather weir a hat, gluvs an claes that cuvers yer hause.

Racin[eedit | eedit soorce]

Rinners[deid airtin] in the Berlin Marathon in 2007

Rinnin is a pairt o a lot o forms o competitive racin. Maist rinnin races tests speed, endurance or baith. Track and field races is sindert intae sprints, middle-distance races an lang-distance races for ordinar. Races held aff the track micht be caaed cross-kintra races. A marathon is run ower 42 kilometer.

Fit-races haes likelie been aboot for maist o human historie. Thay wis a important pairt o the ancient Olympic Gemms.

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