Richard Adolf Zsigmondy

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Nobel prize medal.svg Richard Adolf Zsigmondy
Richard Adolf Zsigmondy.jpg
Born 1 Aprile 1865(1865-04-01)
Vienna, Austro-Hungarian Empire
Died 23 September 1929(1929-09-23) (aged 64)
Göttingen, Germany
Naitionality Austrick
Fields Chemistry
Institutions Varsity o Vienna
Technical Varsity o Vienna
Varsity o Munich
Varsity o Graz
Varsity o Göttingen
Alma mater Technical Varsity o Vienna
Varsity o Munich
Doctoral advisor Wilhelm von Miller
Influenced August Kundt
Notable awairds Nobel Prize in Chemistry (1925)

Richard Adolf Zsigmondy (1 Aprile 1865 – 23 September 1929) wis an Austrick-Hungarian chemist. He wis kent for his research in colloids, for which he wis awairdit the Nobel Prize in chemistry in 1925. The crater Zsigmondy on the Muin is named in his honour.