Ri Chun-hee

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Ri Chun-hee
Native name리춘히
Born (1943-07-08) 8 Julie 1943 (age 80)
Tongchon, Gangwon, Japanese Korea
ResidencePyongyang, North Korea
CitizenshipNorth Korea
Alma materPyongyang Varsity o Theatre an Film
Years active1971–2012
Kent forUmwhile heid reporter for KCTV
Korean name
Revised RomanisationI Chunhi
McCune–ReischauerRi Ch'unhi

Ri Chun-hee (an aa romanised as Ri Chun Hee an Ri Chun Hui;[1] born 8 Julie 1943) is a retired news anchorwumman for North Korean broadcaster Korean Central Television (KCTV). She is most notable for her characteristic emotional and sometimes vitriolic tone, describit as "passionate", "vaguely menacin", an "aggressive".[2] Ri made the offeecial announcements o the daiths o Kim Il-sung in 1994 an Kim Jong-il in 2011.[3] In a news report bi CCTV News on 24 Januar 2012, Ri annoonced her retirement as chief newsreader at KCTV.[4] She haes periodically reappeared on telly in the years syne, teepically tae mak an annooncement regairdin the kintra's militaristic development.[5]

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