Reid panda

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Red panda
A reid panda at the Cincinnati Zoo
Scientific classification edit
Kinrick: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Cless: Mammalia
Order: Carnivora
Faimily: Ailuridae
Genus: Ailurus
F. Cuvier, 1825
Species: A. fulgens
Binomial name
Ailurus fulgens
F. Cuvier, 1825

A. f. fulgens F. Cuvier, 1825
A. f. styani Thomas, 1902[2][3]

Map shawin the range o the reid pandas
Range o the reid panda

The reid panda (Ailurus fulgens), an aa cried lesser panda an reid cat-bear, is a smaa arboreal mammal native tae the eastren Himalayas an soothwastren Cheenae that haes been classified as Endangered bi IUCN as its wild population is estimatit at less than 10,000 maitur individuals. The population continues tae decline an is threatened bi habitat loss an fragmentation, poachin, an inbreedin depression, altho reid pandas are protectit bi naitional laws in thair range countries.[1]

The reid panda is slichtly lairger than a domestic cat. It has reiddish-broun fur, a lang, shaggy tail, an a waddlin gait due tae its shorter front legs. It feeds mainly on bamboo, but is omnivorous an an aa eats eggs, birds, insects, an smaa mammals. It is a solitary ainimal, mainly active frae dusk tae dawn, an is lairgely sedentary durin the day.

The reid panda is the anly livin species o the genus Ailurus an the faimily Ailuridae. It haes been previously placed in the raccoon an beir faimilies, but results o phylogenetic research indicate strang support for its taxonomic classification in its awn faimily Ailuridae, which alang wi the weasel faimily is pairt o the superfaimily Musteloidea.[4] Twa subspecies are recognized.[3]

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