Rattra, Aiberdeenshire

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The ruined St Mary's Chaipel

Rattra (Inglis: Rattray; Scots Gaelic: Raitear), (foond at grid reference NK088578) haed been settled as faur back as 4000 BC[1] an wis named a Ryal Burgh in 1563 bi Mary, Queen o Scots, "tae put an end tae the disputes aboot superiority ower it atween William Keith, 4t Yerl Marischal an George Hay, 7t Yerl o Erroll".[2]

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Coordinates: 57°36′38.87″N 1°51′6.72″W / 57.6107972°N 1.8518667°W / 57.6107972; -1.8518667