Ras Gharib

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Ras Gharib (Arabic: رأس غارب‎, transliteration: Raʾs Ġārib) is a municipality in the Reid Sea Govrenorate, Egyp, situatit on the African side o the Gulf o Suez. It is the seicont-lairgest ceety in the govrenorate efter Hurghada, an ane o the leadin centers o petroleum production in Egyp, haein hoosed the main operations for first the Anglo-Egyptian Oil Company (a branch o Royal Dutch Shell) an then the Egyptian naitional petroleum company. For a time it wis the caipital o the Red Sea Govrenorate.

Coordinates: 28°21′35″N 33°04′39″E / 28.3597°N 33.0775°E / 28.3597; 33.0775