Rakovica, Croatie

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Rakovica, Croatie is located in Croatie
Rakovica, Croatie
Location o Rakovica in Croatie
Image o Rakovica municipality athin Karlovac Coonty

Rakovica is a veelage in sooth-central Croatie, in the region o Kordun sooth o Karlovac an Slunj, an north o the Plitvice Lochs. The total municipality population is 2,623 (2001), while the veelage itsel haes 356 residents. Accordin tae that census, 91% (2387) are Croats an 3,58% (94) are Serbs. Due tae proximity o Plitvice lochs ane of the main fields o income is tourism. Ane o its sichts are the Caves o Barać which wur reopened for visitors in 2004.

Rakovica achieved some prominence in Croatie history in October 1871, when several members o the Croatie Pairty o Richts led bi Eugen Kvaternik disavoued the offeecial pairty poseetion advocatin a poleetical solution tae the issue o Croatie athin the Habsburg Monarchy an insteid launched a revolt in the veelage.

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Coordinates: 45°01′N 15°39′E / 45.017°N 15.650°E / 45.017; 15.650