Qutb Minar

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Coordinates: 28°31′28″N 77°11′07″E / 28.524355°N 77.185248°E / 28.524355; 77.185248

Qutub Minar
कुतुब मिनार
قطب مینار
Qutb Minar in Delhi, Indie
Hicht73 metre (240 ft)
Designatit1993 (17t session)
Reference no.233
Kintra Indie
Constructit biStairtit construction bi Qutub-ud-din Aibak & completit construction bi Iltutmish

The Qutub Minar (Hindi: कुतुब मिनार, Urdu: قطب مینار‎) is a minaret that forms a pairt o the Qutab complex, a UNESCO Warld Heritage Steid in the Mehrauli aurie o Delhi, Indie.[1][2]

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