Queensferry Crossing

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Queensferry Crossing
Queensferry Crossing view01 2017-03-16.jpg
The Queensferry Crossing nearin completion, photographed in Mairch 2017
Coordinates56°00′17″N 3°24′45″W / 56.0046°N 3.4124°W / 56.0046; -3.4124Coordinates: 56°00′17″N 3°24′45″W / 56.0046°N 3.4124°W / 56.0046; -3.4124
CrossesFirth of Forth
LocaleLowden an Fife, Scotland
DesignCable-stayed brig
Tot lenth2,700 metres (8,858 ft)
WidthDual twa-lane cairiageway wi haurd shouders[1]
Langest span650 metres (2,133 ft)
Constructit biForth Crossing Bridge Constructors (FCBC)
Construction beginSeptember 2011
Construction end27 August 2017
Construction cost£1.35 billion
Queensferry Crossing is locatit in Edinburgh
Queensferry Crossing
Queensferry Crossing
Location o the brig in relation tae Edinburgh

The Queensferry Crossing (Scots: Queensferry Crossin; umwhile the Forth Replacement Crossing) is a road brig in Scotland.[2]

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