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Qianlong Emperor

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Qianlong Emperor
Saxt Qing Emperor o Cheenae
Ring8 October 1735 – 9 Februar 1796
PredecessorYongzheng Emperor
SuccessorJiaqing Emperor
Monarchy8 October 1735 – 7 Februar 1799
Born25 September 1711(1711-09-25)
Dee'd7 Februar 1799(1799-02-07) (aged 87)
BuirialEastren Qing Tombs, Zunhua, Tangshan, Hebei, Cheenae
EmpressEmpress Xiaoxianchun
Ulanara, the Step Empress
Empress Xiaoyichun
Imperial Noble ConsortImperial Noble Consort Huixian
Imperial Noble Consort Zhemin
Imperial Noble Consort Chunhui
Imperial Noble Consort Shujia
Imperial Noble Consort Qinggong
IssueYonghuang, Prince Ding
Yonglian, Croun Prince Duanhui
Gulun Princess Hejing
Yongzhang, Prince Xun
Yongcheng, Prince Lü
Yongqi, Prince Rong
Yongrong, Prince Zhi
Heshuo Princess Hejia
Yongcong, Prince Zhe
Yongxuan, Prince Yi
Yongxing, Prince Cheng
Yongqi, Beile
Gulun Princess Hejing
Heshuo Princess Heke
Yongyan, Prince Jia
Yonglin, Prince Qing
Gulun Princess Hexiao
Full name
Cheenese: Aixin-Jueluo Hongli 愛新覺羅弘曆
Manchu: Aisin-Gioro hala i Hung-Li
Posthumous name
Emperor Fatian Longyun Zhicheng Xianjue Tiyuan Liji Fuwen Fenwu Qinming Xiaoci Shensheng Chun
Temple name
Qing Gaozong
FaitherYongzheng Emperor
MitherEmpress Xiaoshengxian
Qianlong Emperor
"Qianlong Emperor" in Cheenese (tap) an Manchu (bottom)
Chinese name
Tibetan name
lha skyong rgyal po
Mongolian name
Mongolian CyrillicТэнгэрийг Тэтгэгч хаан
Tengeriig Tetgegch Khaan
Manchu name
Manchu scriptᠠᠪᡴᠠᡳ
RomanisationAbkai Wehiyehe Hūwangdi

The Qianlong Emperor (25 September 1711 – 7 Februar 1799) wis the saxt emperor o the Manchu-led Qing dynasty, an the fowert Qing emperor tae rule ower China proper. Born Aisin Gioro Hongli, the fowert son o the Yongzheng Emperor, he reigned offeecially frae 11 October 1735 tae 8 Februar 1796.1 On 8 Februar, he abdicatit in favour o his son, the Jiaqing Emperor – a filial act in order nae tae reign langer nor his grandfather, the illustrious Kangxi Emperor.[1] Despite his retirement, houever, he retained ultimate pouer as the Emperor Emeritus (or Retired Emperor) till his daith in 1799; he sicweys wis the langest-reignin de facto ruler in the history o Cheenae, an dyin at the age o 87, the langest-livin. As a capable an culturt ruler inheritin a thrivin empire, during his lang reign the Qing Empire reached its maist splendid an prosperous era, boastin a liarge population an economy, wi various militar campaigns expand its territory tae the lairgest extent. In his late years, eclipsed in effectiveness o his rule, wi rampant corruption an wastefuness in his coort, an a stagnant ceevil society, the empire wis in gradual decline.

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