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Qatif is locatit in Saudi Arabia
Coordinates: 26°56′N 50°01′E / 26.933°N 50.017°E / 26.933; 50.017
Kintra Saudi Arabie
Province Eastren Province (Ash Sharqiyah)
Population (2010)[1]
 • Tot 524,182
Time zone +3 GMT

Qatif or Al-Qatif (Arabic: القطيفAl-Qaṭīf) is a govrenorate an urban aurie locatit in Eastren Province, Saudi Arabie. It extends frae Ras Tanura an Jubail in the north tae Dammam in the sooth, an frae the Persie Guwf in the east tae Keeng Fahd Internaitional Airport in the wast. This region haes its awn municipality an includes the Qatif dountoun an mony ither smawer ceeties an touns.

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