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Coordinates: 50°41′44″N 2°39′30″W / 50.6955°N 2.6583°W / 50.6955; -2.6583

A glimpse of the Crown at Puncknowle - geograph.org.uk - 1451648.jpg
The Croun public hoose frae the kirkyard
Puncknowle is located in the United Kingdom

 Puncknowle shown within the Unitit Kinrick
Population 466 [1]
OS grid reference SY535886
Destrict Wast Dorset
Shire coonty Dorset
Region Sooth Wast
Kintra England
Sovereign state Unitit Kinrick
Polis Dorset
Ambulance Sooth Wastern
EU Pairlament
UK Pairlament Wast Dorset
Leet o places
Unitit Kinrick

Puncknowle is a clachan in sooth wast Dorset, Ingland, locate in a stey howe aside Chesil Beach five mile aest o Bridport. The clachan haes 429 indwallers as o (2001).

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