Puil (cue sports)

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Dutch pool player Niels Feijen a the 2008 European Pool Championship.

Puil (Inglish: pool) i a classification of cue sports played o a table with six pockets along the rails, into which balls are deposited. Each specific pool game has i own name; some o the better-known include eight-bawl, blackball, nine-bawl, ten-bawl, seven-bawl, straight puil, one-pocket, and bank puil.

The generic term pocket billiards i sometimes also used, an favored bi some pool-industri bodies, i technically a broader classification, includin games such a snooker, Russian pyramid, and kaisa, wae are not referred ti a pool games. I most parts of the world, i commonly referred tae as just "billiards", analogous tae the term "bowling" being commonly used to refer the game of ten-pin bowling.

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