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(Reguidit frae Nine-bawl)
The nine-bawls bein racked: the 1-bawl a the apex centered ower the foot spot, the 9-bawl at center, the other bawls placed randomly, an all bawls touching.
Heichest govrenin bodyWarld Puil Association
Team memberssingle competitors or doubles
Mixed genderYes
EquipmentCue sports equipment

Nine-bawl (English: Nine-ball, at times scrieved as 9-ball) is a cue sport an kynd o puil. The gemm's oreegins kin be fand in the Unitit States. It is played on a rectangular table covered wi a coloured cloth (or "baize"), wi pockets at ilka o the fower corners an in the middle of ilka lang side. Uisin a cue stick an nine coloured baws, players maun strike the white baw(or "cue baw") tae pot o pocket the remainin baws in the richt order. Baws is nummert ane til nine bein potted in ascendin order. An individual gemm (or rack), is won by the player pocketin the nummer nine baw (kent as the 9-baw.) Matches is uisual played as a race tae a set number o racks, wi the winner bein the player tae rax the set number o racks won.

The game is organised by the Warld Pool Association an the Women's Professional Billiard Association wi the European Pocket Billiard Federation the noo, China Billiards & Snooker Association an United States Professional Pool players Association rinnin regional events. The maist prestigious nine-baw toornament is the WPA Warld Nine-ball Championship, first being haudit in 1990 wi the first taw events bein won by Earl Strickland. Key figures i the game include Efren Reyes, Francisco Bustamante an Thorsten Hohmann, wi Strickland havin won the warld championship the most times, doing so three times. The game is often associated with hustling and gambling, with toornaments often having a "buy-in" amount to become a participant. The sport hae featured i popular culture, specifically i the 1956 novel and 1961 film the Hustler an 1984 novel an 1986 film the Color of Money.

Nine-ball has been played with varied rules, with games such as ten-ball, seven-ball and three-ball being derived from the game. Whilst usually a singles sport, the game can be played i doubles, wae players competing alternate shots. Examples o toornaments featurin doubles include the Warld Cup of Pool, Warld Team Championship an the Mosconi Cup.


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An image showing the brak box uised on the Euro Tour. This box limits the areas i which a brak can be played from.

Nine-ball i a type of pocket billiards game, fountit i the 1920s i America.[1][2][3] The game wis founded a deriviative game, designed uisin the same equipment as in eight-ball which wis founded by Brunswick-Balke-Collender Company i the early 1900s.[4][5][6][7]

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The sport hae featured i popular culture, specifically i the 1956 novel an 1961 film the Hustler,[8][9] an 1984 novel an 1986 film the Color of Money.[10] A match dedicated tae the later film atween Earl Strickland an Efren Reyes wis held i1996, called the "Color o Money II".[11][12]


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