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God o creation, the airts an fertility
Ptah, in the furm o a mummified man, standin on the seembol for Ma'at, hauldin a scepter or staff that bears the combined ankh-djed-was seembols.
Name in hieroglyphs
Major cult centrerMemphis
Symbolthe djed pillar, the bull
Parentsnone (self-creatit)

In Egyptian meethology, Ptah (/pəˈtɑː/;[1] Auncient Egyptian: ptḥ, probably vocalized as Pitaḥ in ancient Egyptian)[2] is the demiurge o Memphis, god o craftsmen an airchitects. In the triad o Memphis, he is the spoose o Sekhmet an the faither o Nefertum. He wis regardit as the faither o the sage Imhotep an aw. The Greeks knew him as the god Hephaestus, an in this furm Manetho made him the first king o Egyp.

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