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Psoriasis on back1.jpg
Back an airms o a person wi psoriasis
Specialty Dermatology
Symptoms Reid, itchy, scaly patches o skin[1]
Complications Psoriatic arthritis[2]
Uisual onset Adults[3]
Duration Lang term[2]
Causes Genetic disease triggered bi environmental factors[1]
Diagnostic method Based on symptoms[2]
Treatment Steroid creams, vitamin D3 cream, ultraviolet licht, immune seestem suppressin medications sic as methotrexate[4]
Frequency 79.7 million[5] / 2–4%[6]

Psoriasis is a lang-lastin autoimmune disease chairacterised bi patches o abnormal skin.[4] Thir skin patches are teepically red, itchy, an scaly.[1] Psoriasis varies in severity frae smaw, localised patches tae complete bouk coverage.[1]

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