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The Krom (or Kremlin) in Pskov, Roushie, wi the Trinity Cathedral in the backgrund

The Pskov Krom (or Pskov Kremlin) (Roushie: Псковский Кром) is an auncient citadel in Pskov, Roushie. In the central pairt o the ceety, the Krom is locatit at the junction o the Velikaya River an smawer Pskova river.[1][2] The citadel is o medieval oreegin, wi the surroondin waws constructit stairtin in the late 1400s.[3]

The Krom wis the admeenistrative an spiritual centre o the Pskov Republic in the 15t century.

In 2010, twa o the touers o the Krom (the Vlasyevskaya, which dates tae the 15t or 16t century, an the Rybnitskaya, which dates tae 13t or 14t) wur damagit in a fire.[4][5]

View o the Pskov Krom or Kremlin frae the Velikaya River.

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