Velikaya River

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Velikaya River
River moothLoch Peipus
Pheesical chairacteristics
Lenth430 km (270 mi)[1]

For the Velikaya river in Far East Siberie, see Velikaya River (Chukotka).

The Velikaya (Roushie: Великая) is a river in Novosokolnichesky, Pustoshkinsky, Sebezhsky, Opochetsky, Pushkinogorsky, Ostrovsky, Palkinsky, an Pskovsky Destricts o Pskov Oblast, as well as in the ceety o Pskov in Roushie. It is a major tributar o Loch Peipus an belangs tae the basin o the Narva River. It is 430 kilometre (270 mi) lang, an the aurie o its basin 25,200 square kilometre (9,700 sq mi). The name o the river means literally "Grand" or "Great" in Roushie. The touns o Opochka, Ostrov an Pskov are locatit on the banks o the Velikaya. The principal tributars o the Velikaya are the Alolya River (richt), the Issa River (left), the Sorot River (richt), the Sinyaya River (left), the Utroya River (left), the Kukhva River (left), the Cheryokha River (richt), an the Pskova River (richt).

The source o the Velikaya is locatit in the Bezhanitsy Hills in the northwast o Novosokolnichesky Destrict. The river flows sooth throu a seestem o lochs tae Loch Veryato, whaur it turns wast. It accepts the Alolya frae the richt an gradually turns north, passin throu the toun o Opochka. Northwast o the urban-teep dounset o Pushkinskiye Gory it turns wast, accepts the Sinyaya frae the left an turns north. In the ceety o Pskov the Velikaya accepts the Pskova frae the richt an turns northwast, shapin a river delta as it enters Loch Peipus.

The drainage basin o the Velikaya comprises vast auries in the wast an soothwast o Pskov Oblast, as well as in the east o Latvie an in the north o the Vitebsk Region o Belaroushie.

The river haes a significant historic importance. Pskov wis foondit in 903, an the Velikaya providit it wi access tae the sea, via Loch Peipus an the Narva River.

The Velikaya is navigable in its lawer course (34 kilometre (21 mi)).

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