Preses o Germany

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Preses o the Federal Republic o Germany
Flag of the President of Germany.svg
Staundart o the Preses
2012-06-05 Bundespraesident Joachim Gauck Berlin.jpg
Joachim Gauck

since 18 Mairch 2012
Style His/Her Excellency
(in internaitional relations anly)
Residence Schloss Bellevue (Berlin)
Villa Hammerschmidt (Bonn)
Appynter Federal Convention
Term length Five years
Renewable ance, consecutively
Constitutin instrument Basic Law for the Federal Republic o Germany
Precursor The Reichspräsident
Furmation 13 September 1949
First haulder Theodor Heuss

The Preses o Germany, offeecially the Preses o the Federal Republic o Germany (German: Bundespräsident der Bundesrepublik Deutschland),[1] is the heid o state o Germany.

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. The offeecial teetle within Germany is Bundespräsident, wi der Bundesrepublik Deutschland bein addit in an internaitional context; the offeecial translatit Scots teetle is Preses o the Federal Republic o Germany
    Foreign Office o the Federal Republic o Germany (1990). German Institutions. Terminological Series issued by the Foreign Office of the Federal Republic of Germany. Volume 3. de Gruyter. p. 28. ISBN 0-89925-584-1.