Práxedis G. Guerrero, Chihuahua

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Práxedis Gilberto Guerrero
Bust o the toun's namesake in the central plaza
Bust o the toun's namesake in the central plaza
Municipality o Práxedis G. Guerrero in Chihuahua
Municipality o Práxedis G. Guerrero in Chihuahua
Práxedis Gilberto Guerrero is locatit in Mexico
Práxedis Gilberto Guerrero
Práxedis Gilberto Guerrero
Location in Mexico
Coordinates: 31°22′22″N 106°00′20″W / 31.37278°N 106.00556°W / 31.37278; -106.00556
Kintra Mexico
MunicipalityPráxedis G. Guerrero
 • Total808.97 km2 (312.35 sq mi)
1100 m (3,600 ft)
 • Total2,128
Postal code
Area code(s)656

Práxedis Gilberto Guerrero is the municipal seat o the municipality o Práxedis G. Guerrero in the northren Mexican state o Chihuahua.

In the 2005 Census, the toun reportit a population o 3,431.[1][2] Anerlie five years later, at the 2010 census, the population haed declined dramatically tae 2,128 inhabitants.[3]

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

The toun wis foondit in 1849, as San Ignacio, bi the priest Ramón Ortiz. The oreeginal settlers wur a group o fowk frae Texas an New Mexico, who did no wish tae remain in the Unitit States follaein the cession o those territories unner the 1848 Treaty o Guadalupe Hidalgo.[1]

Its current name wis gien tae it by the State Congress in December 1983, tae honour the Revolutionary leader Práxedis G. Guerrero, who wis killed in action in Janos, Chihuahua, on 30 December 1910.[4]

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