Ponikve, Brežice

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Ponikve is located in Slovenie
Location in Slovenie
Coordinates: 45°50′42.83″N 15°38′24″E / 45.8452306°N 15.64000°E / 45.8452306; 15.64000Coordinates: 45°50′42.83″N 15°38′24″E / 45.8452306°N 15.64000°E / 45.8452306; 15.64000
Kintra Slovenie
Tradeetional regionLawer Carniola
Statistical regionLawer Sava
 • Total5.24 km2 (2.02 sq mi)
376.4 m (1,234.9 ft)
 • Total100

Ponikve (pronounced [pɔˈniːkvɛ]) is a dounset in the Municipality o Brežice in eastren Slovenie, close tae the border wi Croatie. The aurie wis tradeetionally pairt o Lawer Carniola. It is nou includit wi the rest o the municipality in the Lawer Sava Statistical Region.[2]

Name[eedit | eedit soorce]

The name Ponikve is a plural shape derivit frae the wird ponikva 'influent stream' or 'sinkhole' (intae which such a stream disappears). In its plural shape it refers tae a gently rollin landscape consistin o the basins o a influent stream. Like ither veelages namit Ponikve an similar names (e.g., Ponikva), it refers tae a local landscape element.[3]

Kirk[eedit | eedit soorce]

The local kirk is dedicatit tae Saunt James an belangs tae the pairish o Velika Dolina. It wis built in the 17t hunderyear.[4]

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