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Pirelli & C. S.p.A.
Società per azioni
Treddit asBITPC
Industrieauto an pairts
FoonderGiovanni Battista Pirelli
HeidquartersMilan, Italy
Aurie served
Key fowk
ProductsCaur, Moto, Industrial Tyres
Revenue€5.195 billion (2018)[2]
€703 million (2018)[2]
Profit€442 million (2018)[2]
Nummer o employees
31,489 (2018)
SubsidiariesPirelli Tyre S.p.A

Pirelli & C. SpA is a multinaitional company based in Milan, Italy, leetit on Milan Stock Exchange syne 1922.[3] The company, the warld’s fift-lairgest tyre manufacturer behind Bridgestone, Michelin, Continental an Goodyear, is present in ower 160 kintras, haes 19 manufacturing steids[4] aroond the warld an a network o aroond 10,000 distributors an retailers.[5][6]

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