Pig War (1859)

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Pig War
Proposed boundaries:

                     Throu Haro Strait, favored bi the US                      Throu Rosario Strait, favored bi Bretain                      Throu San Juan Channel, compromise proposal

The lines are as shawn on cairts o the time. The modren boondary follaes straicht line segments an roughly follaes the blue line. The modren eastren boondary o San Juan Coonty awmaist follaes the red line.
DateJuin 15 – October 1859 (truips stationed on San Juan Island till 1874)
LocationSan Juan Islands
Result Bluidless war – San Juan Islands awairdit tae the Unitit States follaein third-pairty arbitration.
 Unitit States Unitit Kinrick Unitit Kinrick
Commanders an leaders
Colonel Silas Casey, Captain George Pickett Rear Admiral R. L. Baynes
461 combatants, 14 cannon 2,140 combatants; 5 warships moontin 70 cannon

The Pig War wis a confrontation in 1859 atween the Unitit States an Great Breetain ower the Canadae–U.S. mairch in the San Juan Islands, atween Vancouver Island an the mainland. The Pig War, so cried acause it wis triggered bi the shuitin o a pig, is cried the Pig Episode, the Pig an Tattie War, the San Juan Boondary Dispute or the Northwastren Boondary Dispute an aw. Wi no shots excheenged an no human casualties, this dispute wis a bluidless conflict.

Coordinates: 48°27′41.91″N 123°00′23.81″W / 48.4616417°N 123.0066139°W / 48.4616417; -123.0066139