Piers Anthony

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Piers Anthony (b. August 6t 1934 in Oxford, England) is a science feection an fantasie author that cam up wi the Xanth warld for his main fantasie wirks and his bio o a space teerant for his main science feection series. Ither weel-likit warks includes Incarnations of Immortality an the Viscous Circle trilogy.

Piers Anthony is kent as ane o the maist proleefic science feection an fantasie writers o aw time. He threaps that ane o his greatest ettles is tae hae setten furth a beuk wi a teetle that begins wi ilka letter o the ABC, stairtin wi his biography, Anthanology, aw the wey throu tae Z for his pennins the Zombie Lover.

Anthonys' faimly settelt in the Unitit States whan he wis fower year auld. He graduatit frae Goddard college in Vermont in 1956, an did a puckle orra jobs afore jynin the Unitit States airmy in 1957. He listit in the American airmy for twa year, afore a cutty speal as a dominie teachin English at the hie schuil.

Aye wi aspirations o becomin a writer, he left the teachin tae try his haund at writing fou time. He made a deal wi his wife that gin efter a year aff his writins misgaed, he wad gie it up aw thegither. He set furth his first story athin that year and haesna leukit back sinsyne.

His advisement tae aw aspirin writers is tae mak siccaar they hae anither soorce o income whan they stairt oot, raither nor expectin the strenth o their ain leeterar ettles tae financially upstaund them, while still bein unkent.

At the meenit Piers Anthony bides on a tree fairm wi his wife in the Unitit States. He has twa dochters an the ae oe