Pierre de Pardaillan

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Pierre de Pardaillan
Duke-Beeshop o Langres
The seal o Pardaillan as a beeshop.
Full name
Pierre de Pardaillan
Born 1692
Versailles, Fraunce
Dee'd 4 November 1733 (aged 40–41)
Bougey, Fraunce
Noble faimily Hoose o Pardaillan
Faither Louis Antoine de Pardaillan
Mither Julie Françoise de Crussol
Releegion Catholic Kirk

Pierre de Pardaillan (1692 – 4 November 1733) wis a French nobleman born in Versailles. He wis a grandson o the famous mistress o Keeng Louis XIV, Madame de Montespan an therefore a brither o the Marquis o Gondrin an a cousin o the Duchess o Orléans. He wis the Duke-Beeshop o Langres in Fraunce. He wis also a member o the Académie française in 1725 tae 1733. He never mairit an haed no childer.