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Phineas Gage

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Phineas P. Gage
Gage an his "constant companion"‍—‌his inscribed tampin airn‍—‌sometime efter 1849, seen in the portrait (identified 2009) that "exploded the common eemage o Gage as a dirty, disheveled misfit."[K]
BornJulie 9, 1823 (date uncertain)
Grafton Coonty, New Hampshire[a]
Dee'd21 Mey 1860(1860-05-21) (aged 36)
In or near San Francisco
Cause o daith
Status epilepticus
Kent forPersonality cheenge efter harn injure
Hame tounLebanon, New Hampshire[a]

Phineas P. Gage (1823–1860) wis an American railwey construction foreman remembered for his improbable[B1]:19 survival o an accident in that a lairge airn rod wis driven completely throu his heid, destroyin muckle o his harn's left frontal lobe, an for that injure's reportit effects on his personality an behaviour ower the remainin twal years o his life‍—‌effects sufficiently profoond (for a time at least) that friends saw him as "na langer Gage."[H]:14

Notes[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. a b Macmillan[M]:14-17,31n5,490-1 discusses Gage's auncestry an early life. The birthdate Julie 9, 1823 is gien bi a Gage genealogy[1] withoot citation,[M]:16 but is consistent wi agreement amang contemporary soorces[2][3] that Gage wis 25 year auld on the date o his accident, an wi his age (36 years) as gien in unnertaker's records efter his daith in Mey 1860.[M]:108-9 Possible hames in childheid an youth are Lebanon or nearbi East Lebanon, Enfield, an/or Grafton (aw in Grafton Coonty, New Hampshire), tho Harlow refers tae Lebanon in pairteecular as Gage's "native place"[H]:10 an "his hame"[H]:12 (likely that o his parents),[M]:30 tae that Gage returned ten weeks[M2]:C efter his accident.

    Thare is naething tae indicate whit Gage's middle ineetial,P,​​[3][4][G1][5] stuid for.[M]:490 His mither's maiden name is variously gien as Swetland, Sweatland, or Sweetland.[6]

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