Philippine eagle

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Philippine eagle
Philippine Eagle Pithecophaga jefferyi.jpg
A Philippine eagle in captivity
Scienteefic clessification e
Unrecognized taxon (fix): Pithecophaga
Species: Template:Taxonomy/PithecophagaP. jefferyi
Binomial name
Pithecophaga jefferyi
Ogilvie-Grant, 1897
Phileagle rangemap.png
Range in blue

The Philippine eagle (Pithecophaga jefferyi), an aa kent aes the monkey-eating eagle or great Philippine eagle, is an eagle of the family Accipitridae endemic tae forests in the Philippines. It haes brown and white-coloured plumage, and a shaggy crest, and generally measures 86 tae 102 cm (2.82 tae 3.35 ft) in length and weighs 4.7 tae 8.0 kg (10.4 tae 17.6 lb). It is considered the lairgest of the extant eagles in the warld in terms of length and weeng surface, with Steller's sea eagle and the harpy eagle being larger in terms of weight and bulk.[2][3] Among the rarest and maist powerful birds in the world, it haes been declared the Philippine naitional bird.[4] It is critically endangered, mainly due tae massive loss of habitat resulting from deforestation in maist of its range. Killing a Philippine eagle is punishable under Philippine law up tae 12 years in prison and heavy fines.[5]

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