Philippe Honoré

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Born25 November 1941(1941-11-25)
Vichy, Fraunce
Dee'd7 Januar 2015(2015-01-07) (aged 73)
Charlie Hebdo offices, Paris, Fraunce
Years active1984–2015

Philippe Honoré (French: [ɔnɔʁe]; November 25, 1941 – Januar 7, 2015), kent bi the pen-name Honoré, wis a French cartoonist.[1] He wis born in Vichy, Fraunce. Honoré workit wi the newspaper company Charlie Hebdo durin maist o his career. He wis a staff cartoonist thare.

Honoré de'ed on Januar 7, 2015, durin the Januar 2015 shootin attack on the Charlie Hebdo newspaper office.[2]

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