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The Peugeot Type 3 wis a very early French automobile, an wis Peugeot's first model tae be sold tae the public an made in meaningful quantities. It wis Peugeot's seicont internal combustion-engined caur.

Backgrund[eedit | eedit soorce]

The earliest Peugeot model frae 1889 haed been steam-pouered tricycles built under collaboration with Léon Serpollet. In 1890, Armand Peugeot met with contemporary trailblazers o caur technology, Gottlieb Daimler an Émile Levassor, an became convinced that reliable, practical, an lightweight vehicles woud hae tae be pouered bi petrol an hae fower wheels. The Type 2 wis the first such model. Peugeot's ane-time partner Serpollet woud persevere with steam technology with continued success under the marque Gardner-Serpollet until his daith in 1907.

Performance[eedit | eedit soorce]

The engine wis a German design bi Daimler, but wis licensed for production in France bi Panhard et Levassor an then sold tae Peugeot. It wis a 15° V-twin an produced 2 bhp, sufficient for a top speed o approximately 18 kilometres per hour (11 mph).

In its inaugural year o 1891, Armand Peugeot decided tae show the robustness o his caur bi takin it alongside the Paris–Brest–Paris cycle race. This demonstration caur ultimately survived a total o 14,710 kilometres (9,140 mi) withoot major malfunctions, something o a miraculous achievement with contemporary mechanics, an later became the first Peugeot sold tae the public. A somewhat lichtened Type 3 wis entered intae an 1895 race frae Paris tae Bordeaux an back, winnin an maintaining an average speed o 21.5 kilometres per hour (13.4 mph). This story wis related bi Chris Goffey in a Top Gear episode frae 1989, when showing early examples o Peugeot durability.

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