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Peter Wright
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Personal information
Nickname Snakebite
Born (1970-03-10) 10 Mairch 1970 (age 49)
Leevinstoun, Wast Lowden, Scotland
Hame toun Mendham, Suffolk
Darts information
Playin dairts syne 1995
Dairts 20g Snakebite euro 11
Laterality Richt-haundit
Walk-on muisic Don't Stop the Party bi Pitbull precedit bi intro tae Baba O'Riley bi The Who
Organisation (see split in dairts)
BDO 1995-2004
PDC 2004–
Current warld rankin 3
BDO majors - best performances
World Ch'ship Last 32: 1995
World Masters Last 64: 2001
PDC premier events - best performances
World Ch'ship Runner-up: 2014
World Matchplay Semi-finals: 2015
World Grand Prix Last 16: 2014
Grand Slam Semi-finals: 2016
Premier League Runner Up: 2017
Desert Classic Last 32: 2009
European Ch'ship Semi-finals: 2015, 2016
UK Open Winner: 2017
US Open/WSoD Last 64: 2009, 2010
Players Ch'ship Finals Semi-finals: 2016
The Masters Quarter-finals: 2015, 2016, 2017
Ither toornament wins
Killarney Pro Tour 2012

European Tour events

European Darts Grand Prix 2017
European Darts Open 2014, 2017
German Darts Championship 2017
German Darts Open 2017

Players Championships

Players Championship (BAR) 2015, 2016
Players Championship (COV) 2015 (x2)
Players Championship (CRA) 2013, 2014
Players Championship (MK) 2017

UK Open Regionals/Qualifiers

UK Open Qualifier 2017 (x3)
Ither achievements

2013 Braks intae the warld's tap 16 for the first time

2014 PDPA Player of the Year

2015 Thraws first nine-dairt feenish o his career

2016 Reaches a career heich rankin o warld nummer three

2017 Sets his heichest televised average an the seicont heichest o aw-time at 119.50

Peter Wright (born 10 Mairch 1970 in Leevinston, Wast Lowden) is a Scots perfaisional dairts player whae plays in PDC toornaments.