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Peter Gabriel
Peter Gabriel Allan Warren.jpg
Peter Gabriel at the Wikipaedia 10t anniversary party in Lunnon in Januar 2011
Background information
Birth name Peter Brian Gabriel
Born (1950-02-13) 13 Februar 1950 (age 69)
Chobham, Surrey, Ingland
Oreigin Godalming, Surrey, Ingland
Thrift Muisicker, sangster-sangwriter, record producer, humanitarian
Years active 1967–present
Labels Atco, Atlantic, Geffen, Mercury, Real World, Republic, Charisma, Virgin, Virgin EMI, Universal
Associate acts Genesis, Kate Bush, Sting, Cat Stevens

Peter Brian Gabriel (born 13 Februar 1950) is an Inglis sangster-sangwriter, muisicker an humanitarian activist wha rose tae fame as the oreeginal lead sangster an flautist o the progressive rock baund Genesis.[1]

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