Pete (Disney)

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First appearanceAlice Solves the Puzzle (15 Februar 1925)[1][2][3][4]
Creautit biWalt Disney[1]
Ub Iwerks[1]
Vyced biWalt Disney[2] (1928)
Billy Bletcher[2] (1932–1944; 1952–1954)
John McLeish (Bellboy Donald, 1942)
Will Ryan (1983–1987; 2013)
Arthur Burghardt[2] (The Prince and the Pauper, 1990; 2001–2003)
Jim Cummings[2] (1992–present)
Developed byNorm Ferguson[2]
Full namePeter Pete Sr.[2]
Nickname(s)Bad Pete, Big Pete, Big Bad Pete, Black Pete, Bootleg Pete, Dirty Pete, Mighty Pete, Pee Wee Pete, Peg-Leg Pete, Petey, Pistol Pete, Sneaky Pete, Piston Pete
AliasesPercy P. Percival, Louie the Leg, Sylvester Macaroni, Tiny Tom, Captain Blackheart
Signeeficant ither(s)Trudy Van Tubb
Chirpy Bird (1980s comics)
ChilderPeter "P.J." Pete Jr. (son)
Pistol Pete (dochter)
RelativesPetula (sister)
Mabel (aunt)

Pete (an aw called Peg-Leg Pete, Pistol Pete an Black Pete, amang ither names) is an anthropomorphic cairtoon chairacter creatit in 1925 bi Walt Disney an Ub Iwerks. He is a chairacter o The Walt Disney Company an eften appears as a nemesis an the main antagonist in Mickey Mouse universe stories.

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