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Simple pendulum

A pendle or wanrest is a mass (ony object, for ordinar metal) on an airm, (a powl or string). The airm is yokit tae a peevot, a pynt for tae swee frae. The mass will naiturally hing doun acause o gravity, but gin it is pushed tae ane side it will oscillate, sweein frae side tae side. The frequency o the sweengin pendle steys the same.

We can wirk oot the time taen for ae fu oscillation (for ensaumple sweengin frae left tae richt an back tae left. We will caw this time T. Gin the pendle lenth is l, an the poust o gravity is g, than:

Whaur π is rade 'pi'.

The raiglar muivement o the pendle micht can be uised for time keepin, an pendles are uised for tae raiglate pendle knocks.

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