Poust (naitural philosophy)

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Pousts are aften described as pushes or pulls. Thay can be endue tae phenomena sic as gravity, magnetism, or onything ense that causes a mass tae accelerate.

In naitural philosophy, Poust is whit chynges or tends tae chynge a state o rest or motion in an object. Poust causes objects tae accelerate, add tae the object's owerall pressur, or chynge direction. Poust is measured in Newtons (N).

Accordin tae Newton's Seicont Law o Motion, the formula for findin poust is:

whaur is the poust,
is the mass o an object,
an is the acceleration o the object.

If ye set tae the staundart gravity g, than anither formula can be fund:

whaur is the wecht o an object,
is the mass o an object,
an is the acceleration due tae gravity at sea level. It is aboot .

Poust is a vector, sae it haes baith a magnitude an a direction.

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