Pedro Betancourt

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Pedro Betancourt
Pedro Betancourt is located in Cuba
Pedro Betancourt
Location o Pedro Betancourt in Cuba
Coordinates: 22°43′49″N 81°17′27″W / 22.73028°N 81.29083°W / 22.73028; -81.29083
Kintra  Cuba
Province Matanzas
Foondit 1833[1]
Established 1879
 • Tot 388 km2 (150 sq mi)
Elevation 25 m (82 ft)
Population (2004)[3]
 • Tot 32,218
 • Density 83.0/km2 (215/sq mi)
Time zone EST (UTC-5)
Aurie code(s) +53-52

Pedro Betancourt is a municipality an ceety in the Matanzas Province o Cuba. It is locatit in the center o the province, wast o Jagüey Grande an east o Unión de Reyes.

The municipality is dividit intae the barrios o Cabecera Norte, Cabecera Sur, Ciego, Linche, Navajas, Platanal, Punta Brava, Torriente an Tramojos.[1]

It wis foondit in 1833.[1]

Demografics[eedit | eedit soorce]

In 2004, the municipality o Pedro Betancourt haed a population o 32,218.[3] Wi a total aurie o 388 km2 (150 sq mi),[2] it haes a population densitie o 83.0/km2 (215/sq mi).

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